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No I Don’t Test My Soil

I have to confess, I am a lazy gardener. So it’s no surprize I’ve never bothered to test my garden’s soil pH or nutrient level. My beds and containers were filled with bags from the nursery. I don’t use local city soil. I am afraid it is contaminated. The pH of my beds was fine to start out with.

Knowing that many nutrients tend to be over-applied resulting in imbalances in the soil and harmful effects on the environment, I’ve only used compost and organic fertilizers in my beds. My fruit, flowers and vegetables grow so well I am under impression testing my soil is obsolete.

My test is the visual aspect and productivity of my garden. I’m stubborn and had grandparents that use to farm to subside and they never used chemical fertilizers nor soil tests because there wasn’t any around, Their farm and garden fed 3 generations of folks, so they had to be doing something right.

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